Monday, October 31, 2005

Slow opening movies

I have been talking to my geek (future) son in law, Ivan, who has a master's in math and computer sciences and he tells me that some servers permit video streaming and some do not. If you click on one of my movies from my .Mac site it will open almost immediately and start playing as it downloads to your computer- this is called "streaming" video. My bird movies are optimized for streaming but apparently the hosting server has to support this function. So it looks as though on this site,, the videos will have to download all the way before they will start playing.
That is a pain in the neck, I know, so at this time I am rethinking how to do all this posting stuff. Should I use the .Mac site and have pages that are not too attractive but allow fast showing movies? or should I use the blogger site which has a prettier look but lacks an important bit of functionality? I have contacted's tech support- We will see what they say when (and if) they get back to me.


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