Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Two Brown Thrashers

Two for the price of one!

Taped on the feeder last spring, I was awestruck when I saw two thrashers on the same suet block at the same time. They must have been mates!

Well, here they are. Click the picture to start the video. This one is pretty short so it will not take long to download.

January 29th, 2005 BirdCam

This movie was recorded last January 29th. It was a cold day with some snow and icy rain. There is a male cardinal with ice on his tail feathers and a female who looks pretty cold too. Also seen are a chickadee, a white throated sparrow, white breasted and brown headed nuthatches, a wren some doves and a titmouse. Click the picture to start the movie playing.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

3 Minutes with a Downey Woodpecker

This little downey is so precious and he just stays and stays. At first I thought it was sick but after watching a few dozen times, I now think he was just resting and taking in what was going on. There were lots of other birds on and off the feeder while he was there. And those woodpeckers are not too gregarious. There are lots of dove noises in the background. A little shot of a wren there at the back.

This footage was recorded last March. It's one of my favorite moments. Since there is not a whole lot going on on my feeder lately, I am looking at my archives. Last year was a wonderful year. This is digitally remastered- it's like the second edit- an alternative take- whatever. Like the extras they have on DVDs.


Thursday, January 19, 2006

Five Species

Yesterday was a little more like a normal day on the feeder. There was some variety but not the volume I have grown used to. On this tape there is a yellow rumped warbler, a brown thrasher, a wren, a male and a female cardinal and an intruder from the neighborhood. I watched from around 3:30 until dark at around 6:00. That was when the cardinals came.


Friday, January 06, 2006

Pine Warbler, Ruby-Crowned Kinglet, others

It's cold here today- finally. And the winter birds were hungry- finally. On this tape there is footage- well- inch*age of a pine warbler, a ruby-crowned kinglet and those little yellow-rumped warblers I started seeing on my feeder about a week ago. Oh gosh- they are so cute! All three of these I see only in winter. So that's how I know it's not summer anymore and that I should wear socks.

I also saw a male and female cardinal, chickadees, titmice, doves, white throated sparrows, and a pair of wrens- rusty brown wrens. Most of them were too far away to get on tape or did not stay on the feeder long enough to get focused on them.